Five Pieces by DR


DR | Five Pieces
Histamine Tapes (CS/DL)

Since only 2012 German soundbender Dominic Razlaff (aka DR) has been incredibly prolific, releasing several recordings each year on multiple imprints. Five Pieces runs for about 28 minutes or so and is his first for Histamine Tapes, consisting of a handful of new droning, opening with Japan Sencha. It simply smoulders with a glistening aura like riding a smooth kaleidoscopic ambient wave. The titles seem to be referring to either a blaze of ancient fury or an earthy green – or both. Yet I’m lost in my colored daydream, dazzling and soft, elusive and yet all-encompassing. This is the world enveloping on Formosa Jade Oolong.


Not since I first heard West Coast Canadian sound artist Loscil back in the early 00’s have I had this warm/cool vibe that seems to shift with incredible subtlety. Razlaff could play China Yellow Dragon all night long and it would become my own personal sleep concert. This falls into the pure ambient traditions set when (godfather) Brian Eno very clearly took an oath with the universe back in the 70’s. Yet it also pays a certain unconscious homage to artists like Harold Budd, but even moreso Steve Roach – who has an indelible knack to put my mind and body at ease without slipping into a syrupy new age vibe – same for Five Pieces. This is resounding on the tape’s longest piece, Ambootia. It’s all well-rounded and aeriform. Closing with the fluidity of Anhui Oolong, with a layer of field recordings of people chatting, and other actions in the background. It’s got a strange asymmetrical weight to it, coaxing you to just let go of the daily incidental white noise surrounding us. The end is slightly pert, I want more.

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