Flashbacks by Sketchquiet


Sketchquiet | Flashbacks
Gipsy House Recordings (CD/DL)

The fledgling Texas imprint Gipsy House Recordings delivers their latest via their first offering on compact disc as well as Bandcamp’s ‘name your price’ – this work is by Brazilian artist Sketchquiet and it’s called Flashbacks. They describe it as “A mix of slow and ambient music with the twist of a darker love.” The slow wash of tonal hues passes by like a feathery cloud on the opener, Appreciating Through Window. It’s muted piano and electronics fused together in a murky mix. The chords climb, step down and repeat sluggishly with crossing violin strings that seem to be more like line drawings. On Waves From a Distance the atmosphere is slightly brighter, multilayered and soft in texture. A tocking, like a broken clock only telling half the story hints at a lost sense of time. It’s an awkwardly graceful piece.


Elsewhere on Flashbacks are definitive moments of drawn repose (Chinese Noodles – Candle Light and My Only Love Affair) but it’s Dreamcatcher that offers a nice blended mix of hand-clap beats and nebulous melodies that most definitely catches my ear here. It’s one of those happy-go-lucky short pieces that would brighten the most foiled of plans. The vibe is somewhat Asian-inspired, and even though it veers from the otherwise ambient canvas here, it’s a clear breather that brings in more of a spectrum to a shaded palette. The finale I was Never There stares you in the face with its elongated, downbeat synths, stretched and worn. It’s a hazy, lazy setting, a change in seasons, bringing us back to the beginning again.

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