The Sound of Feldermelder


Feldermelder | The Sound Of
OUS Records (Flexi Disc/DL)

This five-track EP is a taster of what’s to come from Swiss electronic artist Feldermelder (Manuel Oberholzer). The Sound of Feldermelder is a flexi disc insert via Zweikommasieben Magazine (#14) but now is available as a download on Bandcamp. The artist has also gone under the monikers of Holy Oscillators and Gibraltar Vacuum presenting in clubs, festivals and museums in Europe, Asia and elsewhere since 2008. He created this batch in various international hotel rooms.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 8.28.36 AM

Opening with a glossy ambient vibe on Deep Cover Allures which becomes a modern electronic jazz-infused piece. It’s animated exterior belies a ticking anxiety. It’s fast-played keys and melodic shuffling, partially broken down, and rising. There is a suspenseful side to his playing, and the interesting break of quietude and whispering wind that is diffused suddenly. It lays low for the final two minutes, with a hive-like illusion and open air. Shanghai is a quirky piece with a hollow, clanging percussion, it’s lopsided and luminous. The pace wants to break barriers between slowness and moving along, like two people on different missions. The short track pretty much stays in the same space throughout until an abstract twee tone enters on 1st_62nd and everything chills to an icy, chirping, laidback playfulness.

0014242754_10Harmony (Edit) is one that morphs from an ambient space with rock inflections that never drive hard, just a sparsely metered guitar wail woven into layers of clockwork-like rhythm showcasing synth and horn effects. It reminds me some of a marching band warm-up, getting in tune, and the addition of some quick percussive elements balances the composition for this shortened rendition. I’m curious to hear the entire piece, sounds as if it could go full-on jam. Though it end pertly enough. Finally we are in Another Place. It buzzes with a static lil’ fervor. And chugs softly like a locomotive in the elusive pulsing mix. There is a loss of pressure and then Feldermelder employs tone varying tones and clanging. It’s all quite dreamlike, hazily tangible, giving off the illusion that you are almost there.

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