Irregular Pattern Decay by Lars Lundehave Hansen


Lars Lundehave Hansen | Irregular Pattern Decay
Tonometer (CD/DL)

From Denmark, this recording was released back in May and the limited edition CD has already sold out (made for Japan initially), however, you can still download this one from composer/artist Lars Lundehave Hansen. Irregular Pattern Decay opens with the drone whir of Grime Buildup.  From the start its one of those reverb-style mind massages that hits you in the pit of the chest. The tones shift, rise, churn and in their layering twist some more. It’s a meditation on the changing variables of light. The low hum of wide-birth metallic resonance levitates on Matrix Study right into the elusive drone of Non-uniform Drift. Hansen’s chamber of timbre and mystery is unflappable, as he slightly modulates and modifies the mass of athletic noise.


Concentric Circuits has, in fact, an arching, rotating drone that churns throughout. It puts you at peace in its stretched repeat. That is until the title track enters earshot. Irregular Pattern Decay makes a sudden entrance but then quickly becomes hushed and shy, peeking in and out of a layered half-broken wall of drone. Muffled like a motor under a hood, the composer finds a way to contain noise by flaring the edges and rounding the corners. Like an irregular heartbeat the synths float in shadow. The setting is utterly anonymous.

We conclude with the track depicted above, Metric Poetry. The finish is softer than most of the previous, the layering of sinewaves and drone straddling each other. It’s a bright set of impulses, interconnected and abstract, industrial and introspective. There’s this provocative fine line that Hansen pushes ’round – between balancing white noise and projecting it in an expressive sense of acoustic coloration. In subsequent listening sessions it becomes a perfect atmosphere to simply bliss out from the everyday.


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