UUUU |self-titled
Editions Mego (12″/DL)

UUUU consist of a quartet of original musicians and sonic collaborators and members of Coil, Wire and Tomaga: Edvard Graham Lewis, Valentina Magaletti, Matthew Simms & Thighpaulsandra. Their self-titled EP includes two tracks and is released today. Side one is the trippy mindmeld of Electric Blanket. It’s an investigation of shifting frequencies, gongs, warbling strings and channel-swapping percussion. The drone drifts and takes its obtuse, shapeless form. The atmosphere is a psychedelic den of dynamic spectral velocity. the soft chords direct your attention while the core is a droopy melody that simply floats. At a glance it sounds like a futuristic gothic/folk festival in full swing. There are grunts and savage aural abstractions throughout that cast a certain patina. With softened bell tones, surface noise and squirmy synths that further makes for a bit of an unfolding thriller.


Nice Setting opens with the nuances of a pipe organ and eerie chords that break on through. Contorted, watery transmissions never quite connect until a voice speaks about being “hung out to dry, dry as a bone, a few pints short…..of a pumping heart“. Though the speaker seems to be recalling a drunken memory the themes shift to a series of layered xylophone melody, crusty percussive sound effects and whispery, treated echoes. A bit dizzying the atmosphere, though a bit perplexing and lost, draws on the history of storytelling by word of mouth. “It’s all about time” – indeed! And it takes it’s sweet time to churn its chapters. Clocks tick, voices retreat, gongs seem to go backward and this tale unravels with a full dramatic flair.

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