Empty Gesture by Of Habit & Dane Law


Of Habit & Dane Law | Empty Gesture
Opal Tapes (CS/DL)

The very first tape from Of Habit & Dane Law (Gary Myles, Adam Parkinson) opens with the title track. It’s a gradually layered, immersive track that pairs synthetic frequencies with a whole host of chirpy, animated and granular effects. Sinewaves meet lock-grooves and it’s a micronoise overload. A voice (Parkinson) records the routine process on Supernatural Ability. The abstract beat loops over and around itself somewhat drunkenly, feeding right into For Memory where the speaker continues to lucidly recall looking down a mysterious cragged hole, caught up in a lost reality. The drone atmosphere is like the limbo of memory.


It’s as though we are in a sterile container listening to this bloke brood about hearing voices, recalling various flashbacks and episodes of the everyday. Revamp Impact is a chilling combination of twittery synthesizer and modified object manipulations. A hazy deep sleep congeals into a musique concrète of open wires and paddle-like percussion on Laid Out. A bit of ping pong with a hazy, distressed shoegaze allure drives you into the thick layers of this melancholic tribal labyrinthine.

It’s a crowded, dank setting. On one hand it’s like field notes of thoughts on how to build a soundtrack for your thoughts – a bit of a meta take in concept. On the other hand I feel as though I am eavesdropping into someone’s recorded diary, so visceral in nearly whispered detail. It’s got a punk/beat attitude and a sense of Disconnect – also the title of this final track. By combining static, watery contortions, and a brute sense each crack (like that of a pool table breaking) makes sense, like starting over, again and again.

At presstime there were only five copies of this tape left!

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