Tines by Andrew Tasselmyer


Andrew Tasselmyer | Tines
Flag Day Recordings (CS/DL)

In celebration of Cassette Store Day this weekend this new release by Andrew Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon) was introduced by Flag Day Recordings. Tines is a tape filled with a half dozen lucidly elongated ambient tracks that will calm the most savage of listeners. Simply titled Number 1 to Number 6 these works deliver a serene, spare setting with minute actions and shifting Rhodes-based chord abstractions. The keys are more like percussion at times, with a blanket of warm drone to compliment. With the subtle touch of Taylor Deupree mastering the finished product the sound is crystal clear and awash of understated tonal range.


With only a short edition of 70, this gorgeously styled tape (outside + in) should be on your radar, especially for those who love deep unstructured atmosphere that’s as introspective as it is sedative. It’s very effecting, likely to slow your mind and motion. What I imagine as a field recording of rain that sounds similar to the in-between of AM radio just coats the entire listening experience. The tones change throughout, some somber, some peaceful, never harsh or too dark. His use of microstatic as one of his multiple layers centers the continuum of the listening experience. Curious harmonies ripple through and interact slightly with a passing set of bell tones.


As we move into the second half the space becomes more hollow, using a greater sense of depth in spacial frequency. The sound seems to break free of its central point, deconstructing in space. A right light radiates in the distance, moving closer into a aqueous cavern. Of course this is my imagination, becoming more quixotic the deeper I listen. Or is it? This is one of those recordings that will offer a meditative break from the “reality” that we live in our time. It tickles the psyche so to speak.  In the last passage a bubbling brook leads way to a circulating synth that’s slow-paced and infused by its runny surroundings. It’s a quiet place activated by the honeyed chords, muted in the mix and drifting into an transient fade out.

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