Inner Work by Brian James Griffith


Brian James Griffith | Inner Work
Histamine Tapes (CS/DL)

Los Angeles-based sound artist Brian James Griffith‘s new tape Inner Work hit me right in that bright spot that tranquilizes the expectations and tribulations of the everyday. It’s a morphing and moody ambient set of eight pieces that neutralizes the sappiness of new age and somehow manages to stay sedate. The synth is melodic, rounded, with a bit of abandon that drifts into the corners of your psyche. Griffith blends bass guitar, casiotone, piccolo and other transmissions to form this abundantly layered and stretched work, showcased in the secretive Warm Autumn Sun. Just as a fiery static withers away voices and a broken drone harmony, incoming is the golden sequenced edges of the impeccably transformative Midday, that is as cosmic as any of the earliest Tangerine Dream.


A Mountain Pass At Dawn is a gorgeous lil’ passing vignette leading into the ambient embrace of Sing Through The Sacrum. It’s hard to write when you are coming to grip with a certain level of sound-induced semi-consciousness, and this record is highly infused with dreamy arrangements that may just put you in an uncertain state of mind and body. On Complexities of Existence an island-like theme emerges, the strings are slung low with a soft gentle touch as tiny creaks are scantily audible. The jangle has a dulcet thrum that’s loose and easy. It’s a perfect track for Autumn. Lastly, a nearly half-hour long Bonus is added to the end here. A glassy abstraction of varied tones, mostly quiet and rhythmic. Though there’s a gentle roar behind the clouds of drone and sweet curvy harmonics. Though I never have, I am imagining sailing of calm seas with this as a soundtrack, it has and orchestral leaning and elements of folkiness, that float and weave, like something quite utopian and distant.

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