October Compilations



Historical Recordings Vol II  | Gagarin Records (LP/DL)
Electroframework  | Unexplained Sounds Group (DL)
Decay, Death and Darkness  | Eighth Tower Records (CD/DL)
The Great Krell Machine – Vol. One  | Flag Day Recordings (CS/DL)

With Autumn color comes change, and new life. Here are four various artists selections that certainly need more attention. Ranging from historical recordings to those based on the artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński to works based on the Krell patch. They are a far reaching group of various intimate to experimental takes on unique subject matter, with a few sound clips to grab the attention of your last nerve.


8 years after the release of the acclaimed first Historical Recordings collection, Gagarin Records proudly presents Volume 2 of the series. Once again Felix Kubin has invested extensive research and time in compiling rare, unusual, and sometimes unsettling recordings of the past. The history of the 10 tracks of this edition spans a period from 1930 to 2002 including both analog and digital recordings ranging from gramophone records to reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassette and Digital Audio Tape (DAT).

As with the previous volume, the focus has been put on the quirkier corners of recorded sound : curious events, remarkable characters and fascinating tales – revived and restored for the edification and amusement of modern ears. Listen to a wooden automaton piano player, a microtonal choir of larynx patients, the sound of a rescue device used for the purpose of evacuating miners, the demonstration of a water leak detection microphone, a violent demonstration accompanied by Christmas carols and many more. The sound quality of these recordings is not perfect and the inevitable imperfections are audible. Priority has been given to the authenticity of the material and noise reduction has been kept to a minimum. Released on November 1, watch their Bandcamp page for the download.

cover copy

Recorded music history has been conveniently digitized and cataloged, available now on your favorite streaming service. The map of musical influence shows arrows going every which direction, circling back on themselves, stretching tautly into the future. Regional scenes have given way to global Internet micro genres, which have in turn dissolved to fill the cracks in our musical past. Music has never been harder to classify, and that is a good thing.

By the way, since when has “experimental music” been something even remotely definable? The spirit of the avant-garde is so pervasive in today’s art, it’s almost unworthy of mention. Pure experimentation, the kind of noise making most removed from what we consider “music”, with a tune and a pulse, pushes known conventions to the limits, or redraw said limits. – Noah Harrison


During his long career, Zdzisław Beksiński worked in many fields of art: sculpture, photography, graphic art, drawing, and last but not least, painting. As an artist, Beksiński was fascinated with death, decay and darkness. Apocalyptic and dystopian art has been popular since about the 90’s. Few works are darker than those of Zdzisław Beksiński. His creatures are misshaped wretches that might have been human once, his landscapes are painted orange and red by some unseen fires; eerie monstrosities stride in the mists surrounding foreboding monuments. What does it all mean? Nothing – Beksinski never knew the meaning behind his works and was adamant against any sort of interpretation.

At Eighth Tower Records we know how dark music authors love Beksiński art. Thus was natural, even necessary, to think about a project around his work. This compilation presents a group of musicians whose music was inspired by, or simply is in perfect tuning, with the decay, death and darkness artistic mood of this great Polish master.

cover copy 2

This is a compilation based on the Krell patch for modular synth made famous by the soundtrack by Louis & Bebe Barron for the classic sci fi film, Forbidden Planet. Todd Barton, who is featured on this compilation is an American synthesist who helped modernized the Krell patch. Other artists featured are: Francisco Meirino, Cloning, Benjamin Mauch, Geoff Wilt, PraxisCat, Guillermo Pizarro, Walker Farrell and Death Lessons.


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