Metahope by Silhouette Sect


Silhouette Sect | Metahope
Focused Silence (CD/DL)

Bristol-based Silhouette Sect (Alastair Tanner) has just released this new soft spoken (w/a twist) recording with the folks at the stylish UK imprint Focused Silence. Starting off this short cycle of five tracks on Metahope, all lengthy pieces running from seven to thirteen minutes is Waiting for Eva at the Tannhäuser. Immediately the listener is introduced to the natural environment, slowly draining water like in a small fountain, and gulls or crows squawking in the rear of the setting. Tanner has added this lovely organ-like drone that helps impart of a balancing act between the ordinary daily goings-on and a brightly lit tunnel to travel through. It’s a vaguely haunting melody made up of a drawn out drone and a windy passageway. The sensation of ‘waiting’ is present in this gradual mix that is pensive and measured.

Silhouette Sect

The value of isolation is contrast opens with a nectarous theme with static-induced inflections. Paced like taffy again, you may feel Earth’s axis has stood still for a momentary lapse in time. It is as if you are surrounded by cotton batten all along the sides of the space in which you are hearing this, inside and through, the layers have this elegant tactile nature. The piano is so graceful it would likely chill a Florida attic in late July. The tones are pastel, or warm grey outside the spectrum. On An ever-moving array of beads there is a rainstorm followed and atop a ghostly synthesized drone which is a bit of a shoegazer. A tranquil mix of mystery and recline for the ear. The composer has been copious in piecing together this inspired, fragile work. I’m partly reminded of Kenneth Kirschner’s work, but only in the undertones here. Silhouette Sect has taken this opaque atmosphere to a space that explores its austere timelessness, one that is unafraid of a blank stare into a mirror or the importance of introversion.

CD Image

I’m simply lost in the gentle agitation that is Candid collaboration through frankincense swirls. Here you can clearly denote this staring sensation, now aligned to a particular metaphor where the smoke from burning resin fills the space with levitating smoke rings that dissolve in time, wafting into the air, into invisibility. The title track serves at the finale. It’s a rising, brighter theme with slight Asian timbre. The chord shifts ever-so-slightly, and a brightness just hovers dead center. This will be a fantastic track for the deep listeners among us, as it spares nothing to simply let it be, as is, glowing, pulsing intermediately with nimble wind chimes. A sleep concert-style and/or drone lovers delight. Gorgeous.

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