Concrete Shelves Interviews TJ Norris


One of my deepest passions is music + sound (and other noises), so when asked by Concrete Shelves to talk about my (ever-evolving) collection I could have literally rattled on for hours on end. In fact, while growing up collecting records was likely my replacement ‘addiction’ for other potential devices. Because I’ve relocated countless times over these many decades my collection has morphed – going from 25K vinyl records and 16K CDs at the peak. Those records are long gone, in the hands of other happy collectors, strewn across New England and beyond now (I still have a solid three dozen or so tucked away, and have recently added to those), the compact discs have been efficiently curated and edited down to a tidy collection that will eventually fit within a to-be-built 10′ x 8′ wall unit (hopefully dust-free).


I must admit I miss my German versions of Peter Gabriel recordings, my Jonathan Borofsky instrumental record, my in-person signed Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics Metal Priestess (no thanks to an ex who left it foolishly in a sunny spot of a cabin we used to visit regularly) and of course, my thick and heavy box of 45s that were stolen from a storage locker in Cambridge, MA. Things really change when you move from Boston to Nova Scotia to Oregon and Nebraska, to the middle of nowhere rural Washington state and then to Texas. The good folk at Concrete Shelves caught me while these were still in multiple storage bins, prior to that transition occurring. But inspired me to temporarily re-org, opening up our guest room for the first time! Here is our interview and here are some of the temporary results not seen in the article as this dialogue was from a few months back!


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