Shared Meanings by Mumdance

SHARED001 Artwork © Artwork by Our Place & Phil Armson, Original Photo by Sam Hiscox

Mumdance | Shared Meanings
Shared Meanings (12″/CS/DL)

Curated and compiled by Jack Adams under his Mumdance alias, Shared Meanings is an expansive project taking in a mixed and non-mixed version, a 12” of selected tracks and even a limited edition cassette for the tape collectors out there.

The 32 track mix covers a lot of ground, tying many disparate areas of contemporary electronic music together seamlessly. Every track is previously unreleased, often specially requested by Adams of each artist, so this selection is both fresh and unique. A dedicated website promoting the project even goes as far as breaking down the track list, with a description of the track, artist and Mumdance’s relationship with them. I thought this was a really nice addition, lending the mix a highly personal touch.

Mumdance Press Pic Portrait © Artwork by Our Place & Phil Armson, Original Photo by Sam Hiscox

Like every great mix, it takes the listener on a journey, and this one begins with the blissed-out ambience of SØS Gunver Ryberg’s “Flying”, an airy opener that lays the ground for a slow tempo, bleepy dub cut by Space Afrika. The tempo remains in half-step funkiness over the next few tracks, until at about 17 minutes in, the hi hats start rolling and clattering, building up speed and tension as Monotronique’s “Bounce Yo Head” bounces in. From this point, it’s a techno takeover, with contributions from stalwarts such as Mark Broom and Hector Oaks. Around this section of the mix is an exclusive track by Justin Broadrick’s JK Flesh alias. As a huge fan of Broadrick’s many projects, I’ve been really pleased by how this one has been accepted and embraced by the techno community.

From the midway point, tempos start speeding up, with broken beats throwing shapes in the mix. This adventurous juxtaposition of styles and genres is essential to the power of this selection. And when we’re brought back into techno territory, it’s done with some nice surprises, such as the Sleeparchive track that is apparently the first techno track he’s made after years of more ambient experimentation. The fact that it was produced especially for this mix again is another indication of how exclusive this all sounds.

As we head into the final third of the mix, things get a little weirder and more experimental, such as the Mumdance & Logos contribution “Teachers” that riffs on the Daft Punk track of the same name. Other tracks in this section include Peder Mennerfelt’s offering, and as things come to a close, Tales of the Underground’s “Bliss Overdose” does what its title suggests, serving up a slice of nostalgic breakbeat hardcore heavily indebted to the euphoric dance music of the 90s. The final track is by Egyptian producer Zuli, whose experimental take on bass music is the perfect piece to follow Tales of the Underground, connecting the dots between 90s rave culture and the futuristic vision of modern electronic music.

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