Robinson Out Of Context by Dirk P. Haubrich

QR005 Artwork by A Trois Studio

Dirk P. Haubrich | Robinson Out Of Context
Quanta Records (12″/DL)

This is my introduction to both Paris imprint Quanta as well as to German improvisational composer, Dirk P. Haubrich who has been known to collaborate with choreographers and other artists. This is his debut recording which includes two works, 7 to 8 and the title track, Robinson Out Of Context. From the top this latter piece wastes no time making its presence with a tweak of electronic noise right into a melodic, elongated drone. A repeated intermittent glitch breaks the fluidity, but only along its surface.

The floating silky backdrop recedes and is layered with additional drone and a distended set of unique electronic and percussive twists that flutter and break – in very interesting ways. The sound balances this sense of hovering with a flux of geometries that investigate actively upon the top layer. Haubrich phases these peculiar, linear crystalline sounds throughout, almost like chimes they dazzle with glints of shimmer and an icy exterior.


One can most definitely imagine a dancer moving quickly and stoically between smoother passages. The overall setting is this off-kilter space between dreams and constant interruption, the gentle rattling offers something akin to a phone or other alarm signalling a break in time, personal or otherwise.

On 7 to 8 there is again this instant entry into the work that seems to be counting down, or up. The passage of time is boundless and moving forward. The composer generates some truly original synthesis of sound here, its going to be extremely pleasurable to the most discerning of ears. This track, unlike the previous, is more a short story in the making, less abstract, yet still posing so much in terms of a hypothetical setting. As he tinkers away that sleek drone billows in and out of context and earshot while sound effects offer hollow swooping actions that are quite curious. You hear the boing of springs, metallic rat-a-tat and animated shortstops like those used in jingles – however this comes off far more experimental and serious in that regard. The blend becomes this delicate parity between analytical and emotional, a tough yet fragile balance.

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