Ambient Double Take


Olan Mill | Sounds of a New Father
Shimmering Moods Records (CS/DL)

Orphax | Dream Sequence #5
Non-Harmonic Multitones (3″ CD-R/DL)


Two recent releases of drifting ambient here. Orphax presents the fifth installment of his “Dream Sequence” series, and it’s a meditative piece that ripples and washes by.  The composition was inspired by taking a train to his hometown and watching the landscape pass by, blurring into colours and lines.  The train journey lasts 18 minutes and 6 seconds, as does the track, and I like to imagine as the listener follows the progress of the piece, we’re taking the same journey as the artist.

The next album finds its conception from, well, conception. Sounds of a New Father is a gorgeous, deep-dive of an ambient album by Olan Mill.  Inspired by the birth of his child, this release is a reflection of those moments when the baby is asleep and the world becomes more relaxed.  Music to sleep to, sounds to sooth. 


The tracks on this album are all divided into different weeks, I’m guessing like a diary of observing the baby’s progress.  It’s a lovely idea, and one that directs the music to be gentle and restrained.  

The sound palette throughout this release is singular and unified, guitar loops and mellow drones lulling the listener into hypnogogic states.  Each track blends into the next, and the album flows beautifully from start to finish.  A lot of modern ambient music uses tactile textures and noise to accentuate the pieces, but this approach is entirely avoided here.  Ethereal, warm atmospheres are the order of the day and they work perfectly.


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