Toneshift presents People’s Choice 2018

2019peoplechoice is constantly evolving. We do our very best to offer a curated perspective at the edge of electronic and experimental sonic sound, embracing an international community of artists and discerning listeners. As our virtual, social-media driven universe continues spinning we declare that Two Thousand Eighteen Anno Domini was an incredibly memorable year for music from all angles, especially genre defying intersections and other incredible collaborations. Though the site was established back in 2010, this past year we added three additional international contributors (and a brand-new writer for 2019) who really help broaden our collective perspective by adding their own distinctive voices to the mix. We reviewed over four-hundred releases this year, if you can you believe it! And our readers spent many hours reading and listening to what we had on offer, for which we are truly thankful.

THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED: The people have spoken through our star-rating system. Thank you for being there, in support, for understanding there is a huge world of sound outside that which clogs up most radio and popular mainstream media of late. Watch for Toneshift’s Top Three (2018) – selections by each of our contributors, which will be released on Monday, January 7th!  The time has come and it’s a fairly comprehensive assortment – so no typical top tens here, but you will fine links back to each selection in the list in case you want to revisit a particular recordings for a good listen/read! Please note that the list is quite diverse and we are excited to see how many women made the top of your list, and, as you can see, we’ve covered many corners of the globe as well, keeping a broad perspective. Two additional lists were made from calculating, separately, the top Compilations and Reissues of 2018 as well. By taking the time to click and rate via the star system we know what you love, and this is a compilation of the thirty-three (33) records that made the top of the heap as according to our first-ever, People’s Choice 2018!




33.) Jon Hassell (Ndeya)
Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)

32.) Mattin (Munster Records)
Songbook #7

31.) John Butcher (self-released)
Made to Measure

30.) Moskus (Hubro)

29.) Maria W Horn (Portals Editions/XKatedral)

28.) Francis Plagne & crys cole (Black Truffle)
Two Words

27.) Catherine Christer Hennix (Empty Editions/Blank Forms)
Selected Early Keyboard Works

26.) Ilia Belorukov (Moving Furniture Records)
Nobody Ever Escaped From There

25.) Mike Cooper (Discrepant)
Tropical Gothic

24.) Hilde Marie Holsen (Hubro)

23.) Eisuke Yanagisawa (Gruen)
Path of the Wind

22.) Antonio Raia (Clean Feed)

21.)  Cruel Diagonals (Longform Editions)
Monolithic Nuance

20.) Ikue Mori & Christian Rønn (Resipiscent)
Chordis et Machina

19.) Panchasila (Discrepant)

18.) Gruth (Tormenta Electrica)

17.) Mayuko Hino (Cold Spring Records)

16.) Chris Parmenidis (Focused Silence)

15.) BJ Nilsen (Moving Furniture Records)
Focus Intensity Power

14.) Jana Winderen (Touch)
Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone

13.) Syntax/Minim (Yatra Arts)

12.) Toshimaru Nakamura (Room40)
Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9)

11.) Stephan Mathieu (Schwebung)

10.) Christopher Chaplin (Fabrique)
Paradise Lost

9.)   Bienoise (Mille Plateaux)
Most Beautiful Design

8.)   Ana Dall’Ara-Majek (Empreintes DIGITALes)

7.)   Okkyung Lee (Tzadik)

6.)   Chris Carter (Mute)
Chemistry Lessons Vol. 1

5.)   Oren Ambarchi & Jim O’Rourke (Editions Mego)

4.)   Eiko Ishibashi & Darin Gray (Black Truffle)

3.)   URUK (Ici d’ailleurs/Mind Travels)
Mysterium Coniunctionis

2.)   Klaus Schulze (SPV/Oblivion)


1.)   Autechre
NTS Sessions 1-4 – 




9.)   AcezantezAcezantez
Sub Rosa

8.)   Controlled BleedingBlistered Bags of Fodder Swaying
Artoffact Records

7.)   Massimo ToniuttiIl Museo Selvatic
Black Truffle

6.)   Carl StoneMusic from the Eighties and Nineties
Unseen Worlds

5.)   Brian EnoMusic for Installations

4.)   Soft CellKeychains + Snowstorms (Box Set)

3.)   Coil & Zos Kia & Marc AlmondHow To Destroy Angels
Cold Spring

2.)   Throbbing GristleReissues: 1980-1982


1.)   Chris Carter
Miscellany (Box Set)




13.) Death, Decay and Darkness (Eighth Tower Records)

12.) New Clockwork Music (Electronic Sound)

11.) Siamese Anthology II (Siamese Records)

10.) Historical Recordings Vol. II (Gagarin Records)

9.)  Earthen (Cold Spring)

8.)  The Great Krell Machine Vol. One (Flag Day Recordings)

7.)  End Family Separation (Fuzzy Panda Recording Company)

6.)  New Modernism (Unexplained Sounds)

5.) Drop The Beat (Edition Degem)

4.)  Tranquility Variations (mAtter)

3.)  Karl Marx’s 200th (Karlrecords)

2.)  Transcendigitalism (Silent Records)


1.)  Sichten 1


The people have spoken! And we only hope you continue to do so – enriching the greater deep listening community! Keep reading, listening, and in touch. By rating releases we post you help shape the new directions we take. Remember to support new artists as well as those who you already know and love. If you like what we are doing please share us on social media, or simply tell a friend. We are always looking for new contributors who have something to say, so if you are that person, as always, keep our ears bent. Happy New Year!


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