Drawing In Sound by Christoph Lammers and Andreas Usenbenz


Christoph Lammers and Andreas Usenbenz | Drawing In Sound
Klanggold (12”/DL)

You will listen what cannot be seen!”

Abstraction is the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events or the freedom from representational qualities. That being said, we’re about to venture into something bearing the above principal, but in a more fluid way. We’ll deal with abstraction, ideas and an event, free from strict representation.

In spring of 2018, experimental sound artist Andreas Usenbenz (Ulm, Germany) and illustrator Christoph Lammers (Munich) came together and tried to approach the concept of “meadow”. They collaborated for the opening performance of the Wiese (meadow) exhibition, at Städtische Galerie, Rosenheim, Germany. In a state of live improvised dialogue with flow and intuition, Lammers used charcoal, ink, brushes and his bare hands and created a 7 x 4m artwork and Usenbenz used phonographic collages, records, guitar sounds, field recordings, tapes and effect devices and created 21 minutes of non-static, abstract sound. Both artists performed simultaneously!

How can a meadow, a piece of grassland, be ethereal and overcome it’s weight? Drawing In Sound, a single piece of textured ambient, creates the means for transcendence to something eerie and in full movement! Archetypical, vital and fundamental floating movement. A feather-light soundscape with all sorts of micro-elements thrown upon the main stream of sound, drops and pieces, yet a deep, earthly sound object. Yes, this meadow unfolds, floating as an autonomous, time-limited existence, beyond the solid and the concrete. Should you listen to the album once or in a repetitive manner as I did, the circularity never stops; where beginning meets the end and the end transforms into the beginning. My subjective experience with this sonic meadow equals… flying!

Thankfully, Drawing In Sound was captured and now is engraved onto a beautiful, single-sided, 12” vinyl, by Klanggold, Andreas Usenbenz’s own label. Side A contains sound while Side B is screen-printed by the hands of both artists and features a small part (detail) of the 7 x 4m artwork.

Edition of 100 hand-numbered copies.

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