Toneshift presents Top Three of 2018


THE TONESHIFT TOP THREE: Though we managed to crank out more than four-hundred reviews in 2018, there were certain releases that broke the highest of expectations, or came in from left field here at Toneshift headquarters. Instead of another boring Top 10 list we decided to be extremely shrewd in our curation and pare down to those rare records that hit us in that sweet spot between the ears. All of our contributors, including our newest member, have offered their very Top Three choice recordings of 2018, and it turns out to be a truly diverse selection of unexpected earcandy.

I was excited (and a lil’ surprised) to see that there was not a single record that crossed over into one another’s territory, but some of our collective Honorable Mentions did in fact. It proves that there is such a wide birth of international sounds that continue to invade our personal space – and for that we pledge our gratitude! Did you have an opportunity to check our recent People’s Choice – Best of 2018? This capsule view proves the distinctive tastes of our readers and showcases their favorite records.

Please enjoy this survey of our personal favorites!


Karl Grümpe

Afternoon Hours
Ned Milligan (Fluid Audio)

Anla Courtis (Floppy Kick)

Eurydyka (Szara Reneta)


Darren McClure

Double Negative
Low (Sub Pop)

NTS Sessions
Autechre (Warp)

Shuttle358 (12K)


Giuseppe Pisano

The Last Days of Reality
Lionel Marchetti & Cat Hope (Room40)

Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda (Room40)

Frit Fald II
Lars Fiil (Fiil Frit)


Daniel Alexander Hignell Tully

Homage to Dick Raaijmakers
Thomas Ankersmit (Shelter Press)

Have You Considered Punk Music
Self Defense Family (Run for Cover Records)

(f)lute songs
Mary Jane Leach (Modern Love Records)


TJ Norris

Songbook #7
Mattin (Munster Records)

The Sky Torn Apart
Paul Schütze (Glacial Movements)

Selva Oscura
William Basinski & Lawrence English
(Temporary Residence)


Honorable Mentions


Thanks to everyone for your continued support. Check out these records if you haven’t already. And let us know if we have missed an alleyway in the underground by keeping our ears bent. 😉

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