Celestial Bodies by Lauver


Lauver | Celestial Bodies
Past Inside the Present (DL)

The latest EP from Lauver (Joel David Lauver) runs for about twenty-three minutes over four diffusive tracks, produced in the American South. Opening with the drifting Orion Nebula, an infusion of pure nirvana that flows like silk in layered softness from end to end. On its tail is Ceres which throws off some celestial vibrations and if I didn’t know I’d peg this for something that surfaced in the mid to late 90’s as it has that classic post-ambient feel. Perhaps it’s timeless, or time travel or even caught in the flux of all time between now and then. One thing is for sure, this short recording has been expertly produced with a refined, sleek finish. It’s smooth, perhaps slightly too much so on the melancholic Event Horizon with its open air piano chords and sweeping synths, touching a bit too close to age old new age. The lulls are engaging and billowy though the keys are perhaps a bit too sweet and repetitive. The closer, Proxima Centauri B, is a stunning blend of emotive tonal striations as Lauver crafts a fertive mix of keys and strings that fully develop a moody setting. One cannot help imagine a ballet set to this work in the way it sort of evaporates and moves so fluently.


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