Earth Is Heaven/Heaven Is Hell by Red Stars CPR

tttb27 artwork 1

Red Stars CPR | Earth Is Heaven / Heaven Is Hell
Testtoon (12”/DL)                                                                                   

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites”.

Red Stars CPR is the collaborative moniker of Red Stars Over Tokyo and CPR. R.S.O.T. is the ambient/electronic project of Jeroen Lauwers hailing from Belgium. In the early 90’s, Jeroen was the bassist of two Belgian hardcore bands, Nations On Fire and Brassneck! CPR on the other hand, is a duo, Alexandra Ismalone and Tobias Lisius, hailing from Germany, and their sound is leaning towards a dark, psychedelic and acoustic approach.

Earth Is Heaven / Heaven Is Hell, as a beautifully packaged 12”, is a bipolar conception in three pieces. A mixture of uplifting and floating loops, with dark and claustrophobic, yet psychedelic, clusters of sound, creating a bond. Streams of sound embracing each other, combined with each other, revolving around each other in a dream-like, ambient environment. Ritualistic in its aesthetic, serene and eerie, natural and artificial at the same time, evolving from hollow and bleak to exploding as the record progresses. Opposites that are merged in a hypnotic haze but manage to keep their qualities intact!

red stars over tokyo press pic 2

There is light and there is darkness in Earth Is Heaven / Heaven Is Hell, seemingly opposite and contrary, but interconnected and interdependent, giving rise and space to each other as they interrelate to one another, creating a whole! Exactly as Yin and Yang.  

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