Dystopian Land(e)scape by Leumann


Leumann | Dystopian Land(e)scape
Gertrude Tapes (Cassette/DL)

A memento mori of what was here before”                           


Manuel Parisella hailing from Rome, is an active experimental musician (tapes, synths, modular and guitar) since 1988. Leumann is a very interesting case of what I -informally- call “cinematic music”, despite the fact that the music I’m referring to, may have no relation with actual cinema. It is instrumental (or semi-instrumental) music that creates images and tells stories. Dystopian Land(e)scapeis the debut under the Leumann moniker.


The album delivers with masterful accuracy what the title suggests. Muddy and dull imagery of dystopia, emerged from a thick veil of electronic sounds, guitar passages, piano splinters and processed voice. Funeral melodies, introverted mourning, broken pieces of dreams. Ambiance of the macabre, septic water, a post-apocalyptic lament of excruciating beauty, haunting but playful, melancholic and organic! These are words and thoughts that sparkle from my mind while listening. An album full of the wonderful stench of mold that penetrates, a mist of a decaying world. We don’t know if the dying landscape is natural or urban, we can assume both, but the whole work sets itself in a more natural context, at least for my ears.

Music is well descriptive in it’s own terms, but gives the freedom of choice: the perception of the story is very personal, can be anything, meaning that it’s up to the listener to unfold Leumann’s dystopian landscape, that can even be… escapism!


In the end, this is a solid, narrative album, exceptionally crafted. Being a lifelong cassette freak, I give kudos to Gertrude Tapes for this release, which features an image by our own TJ Norris, as the cover artwork.

Edition of 50 copies on high bias cassettes.

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