Depersonalisation by R.H.G.T.


R.H.G.T. |Depersonalisation
Opal Tapes (CS/DL)

A layered psychological narration”                           

R.H.G.T. (Red Hook Grain Terminal) is the moniker of Jordan Edge, contemporary sound artist, composer and live performer, hailing from the UK. His experiments involve industrial objects, raw materials and the use of architecture in order to manipulate the medium through which sound travels. He creates sound environments that explore the physical and psychological effects of noise on the human experience! Jordan uses self-built instruments, latex beds, industrial fans, metal housings as well as processed vocals and he re-conditions architecture with crushing rhythmic noise pierced with sublime minimalistic composed sequences! Sounds really interesting? Well, it is, in fact, very much!

Depersonalisation disorder according to psychology, is the experience of feeling unreal, detached, and often, unable to feel emotion. It is a phenomenon characterized by a disruption in self-awareness and emotional numbness, where many people feel that they are disconnected or estranged from one’s self.


In relation with the above, the Depersonalisation album, Edge’s latest installment, consists of eight pieces of manic sound collage. Raw melodies, crunching rhythmic noise, power electronics, chaotic structures, agitating and full of dirt sound textures, cut-ups and field recordings, detuned melodic passages, loops — everything beautifully merged into a characteristic flow, fully exploding! This album is overflowing with very original industrial manipulation, with coldness and grimness being the main aesthetic elements. The whole outcome is raw as it ought to be; a psychological narration, masterfully executed.

Expect no easy listening, this side of experimental music was never meant to be “easy”. In fact, expect nothing less than pure and harsh experimental beauty, concealed skillfully under the many different layers. Everything will unfold by the time every little detail unfolds, and will pours like an algorithm of different emotive conditions. Embrace the nightmares within, but… are they really nightmares?  

Very much delighted, to say the least!

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