Hesitant by Fabio Perletta


Fabio Perletta | Hesitant
Dinzu Artefacts (CS/DL)


Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta takes his fascination with minimalism to Zen-like levels on this new release.  His love of Japanese aesthetics has been displayed on previous works, most notably his album Ichinen 一念, on the LINE label from 2017.  That release took much of its source sounds from field recordings made at various shrines in Japan.  On Hesitant, the sounds were originally used on another Japanese tour, and these pieces have metamorphosed from live works to material remoulded for this cassette release.

Consisting of 16 short, untitled tracks, each one focuses into a few particular sounds, zooming into them with a microscopic precision. untitled # 1 is made up of simple, single hits with a little splash of reverb.  The spaces between the hits are occasionally interrupted by squeaking found sounds that are difficult to identify their origin.  untitled # 2 includes little washes of white noise, and scrapes, punctuated by gaps of silence. 

untitled # 4 is the first track to feature synthetic sounds, as a delicate sine wave travels through the stereo field as more tactile sounds come and go.  untitled # 6 sounds like it could be rainfall or static, but after a while the listener realizes not to worry about the source of these sounds, and just enjoy them for their own sake.  This Zen notion of letting go and placing yourself in the moment is an important one while listening to Perletta’s new work.  These are sounds that simply exist in their own little world.

dnz36 mockup

untitled # 7 is a little more restless, the movement back and forth a stark contrast to the sounds preceding.  Woody and hollow, the sounds loop and overlap constantly.  untitled # 11 brings the computer processing to the fore, although most of this material has been processed to a certain degree, it’s here that it pokes through more noticeably.  untitled # 14 is a simple buzzing drone that pans left and right, with ever so slight sounds resembling gongs join the flow. 

The final track, untitled # 16 is the most minimal piece of the collection, made of sparse clicks and low frequency pops, with little shimmers of reverb and those hints at gongs again.  When the track ends and silence takes over, it’s tempting to listen to the sounds of your room, the tones of your environment, and relate them to the small sounds that came before.  With “Hesitant”, Fabio Perletta has constructed a quiet masterwork of restraint, presenting his sounds to be listened to as they are, attaching nothing to them except your attention.

* Toneshift’s previous interview with Perletta.

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