Our Seasons Reverse by Bruno Duplant & David Vélez


Bruno Duplant & David Vélez | Our Seasons Reverse
Unfathomless (CD/DL)

The duo opens instantly with creaking trees, crickets, gulls, in the wide open outdoors by the seashore. The listener is in a wild setting of field recordings on the long-playing singular work, Our Seasons Reverse. They have most definitely managed to capture every facet of surround sound, and all is amplified to draw you into its central core. After a while you may start to realize the potency and weight of the drone, the layered-ness of it all.


The excursion comes without melody and chords, instead its spaces are filled with filmy, scratchy washes of soft buffers that run the length x width, yes, it’s a bit of a wall of sound. As the watery rush and crepetations grow thinner, and the whole composition erodes some, the minimal parts hold together what sounds like a structure made from natural materials like reeds and old wooden planks. The composition again rises from the detritus with a fiery fervor, no I mean like through the vestiges of adding real flames that crackle and hiss over a wayward synth and a distant clocktower – not to mention some cool, cosmic radio waves for good measure. When this goes off there’s no stopping this duo from building a world of organic interference. Bruno Duplant & David Vélez have adapted their sonic phonographies into a stellar spin.

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