Silent Odes by Luna Monk


Luna Monk | Silent Odes
Shimmering Moods Records (CD/DL)

Ahhhh, the great outdoors! Or some semblance thereof. When Fall from Grace opens it is as if this Luna Monk, an Afro diaspora artist, has captured a tiny star and is slowly drifting back down the celestial belt towards civilization. Impactful, refreshing ambient wafts through like a Summer breeze. Oh, did I mention that this gem is in a strict limited edition of only fifty, and if your ears are touched by all that floats amid the cosmos, this is required listening.

Other than the watery scape on Natural Healing that trickles away in between silences, not much else is known about this record, save that it is a righteously impregnated with a once-removed chillout sensibility that could sooth a savage. The periodic rubbery squeaks are off in the distance, but the dazzling fountain is right alongside your ears. This is old, school edgeless ambient, nebulously fluttering in the slightest of tonal shifts. There are moments on A Walk to the Sky that is seems to breathe on its own accord, dramatized by the addition of a gong. The aqueous-ness may induce the deepest listener into a half comatose state, but there are just enough hints of rising intrigue to keep the imagination active.

LOOSEN UP: The brass instruments, from bells and gongs to the silky synthesis of circulatory electronics lean towards various Eastern styles – one may consider this a meditative half hour retreat. The setting is melodic and subdued, yet its more about atmosphere than about rhythm. Along with the drone and electronics there are mysterious percussive effects and the occasional field recording from nature. Overall this is the type of record that offers pause from city life, from social media, from the daily grind. It’s chimerical and a warm dip in a deep pool of pure ambient luxe.

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