The Nine Colours Of The Threshold by Inade


Inade | The Nine Colours Of The Threshold
Loki Foundation (LP/CD/CS/DL)


Epic audio mythology ritual from the post-industrial era

There was a huge wave of post-industrial projects in the late 80’s, early 90’s, among them was Inade, a dark ambient duo, Knut Enderlein and René Lehmann, hailing from Leipzig, Germany ever since. Was the time where ambient music became way more darker and even more philosophical, esoteric and spiritual. A transformation of sound, context and cultural approach. Since May 2005, Inade are performing what they refer to as “Audio Mythology”.

The Nine Colours Of The Threshold, Inade’s latest work, is released nine years after their previous one. Nine pieces of matured spiritual conquest and another monogram of their self-possessed venture towards something of an occult communion. Nine pieces strongly based on their naturally heavy, dark, deep ambient. Incantations filled with the essence of mythos and a deep mystical exploration into beautifully orchestrated and eclectic paths.


This is a canvas of clandestine and arcane elegance, a range of esoteric currents that are developing within these nine tracks — in an album that encompasses three major disciplines: strength, passion and sonic poetry, all constructed with electronic elements, percussion, effects, vocals, drones. A return to a beloved and lost place, a return to a lost inner self! 

In conclusion, The Nine Colours Of The Threshold is a saga of the unspoken, of the unseen, of what is yet to be revealed as a remarkable dark ambient opus, in multiple formats, all of them beautifully presented!    

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