Bgm by Duenn


Duenn | Bgm


Sound soaking in excellence

Though it goes without saying, Japanese electronic music in all it’s sub-genres, is a treasure trove of gems. Our world would not be the same without the involvement and the contribution of Japanese artists in every discipline!

Duenn, hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, is a sound artist, electronic musician and composer, producing minimal works, using a minimal equipment (sic). He has collaborated with many; noise legend Masami Akita (Merzbow), experimental musician Koji Nakamura, Berlin-based, violinist, composer and electronic musician Hoshiko Yamane, experimental project Celer from Tokyo Japan, as well as with several visual artists, photographers etc. With Masami Akita and Koji Nakamura, they have formed the experimental/noise act 3rensa in 2017. Duenn’s aim is to expand itself. Here I discuss the latest installment of this expansion.

Bgm is an expanding universe of minimal occurrences! An electrocuted patchwork of sounds, roaming collectively and frantically, in immaterial ramifications. A handful of sonic impersonations that speak with each other. A dark ambient album so clear and so dark simultaneously, as it came from a scape of bipolar exclamations. A sound soaking in excellence, haunting in nature, clean in emotion, bright in materialization, exquisite for the ear. Sound that has a beginning and an end, storytelling sound that you will understand as you desire. A sound containing a handful of sonic details, even some heavily processed vocals.

Listen to this album several times. You will get multiple, different experiences. Close your eyes and imagine. Each vision will be different. Like a tiny dot in the beginning, Bgm is expanding proportionally, blasting it’s way out of the mortal plane, into a beautiful, blooming, extraordinary, consuming meadow of integrated aural orgasm!

This is only released as a digital release though I really, really hope that this piece of current ambient history will be treated as a physical release, with proper packaging. I’m extremely happy to have experienced Duenn’s soundscapes!                

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