Silica by Meglamancha

Meglamancha Silica front 1500x1500

Meglamancha | Silica
Staertenbard Records (CS/DL)


Netherlanders Freek Philippi and Marlon Wolterink otherwise known as Meglamancha have delivered their third full-length release in as many years with Silica. Last April we covered Megara, which was a lot more spurious and revved than this one. A year has driven a direction of ominous composure. From the first seconds of this forty-two minute work, a tribal drumming comes alive, but remains fairly circumspect. Slowly accompanied by a perfectly toe-to-toe guitar twang, the proceedings are, in a word, gripping. Partly dirge, the surly side of the duo informs this record as impractical yet the beat goes on.


Hard, Unreactive, Colorless Compound: Well, I would hardly see this record any which way but literal. On one hand this is repetitive rock lock-groove, on the other foot it cautiously scopes its path like a dead man walking. It’s wickedly gaunt, but there is an underlying funk that seems to beg to break free – but not in an obvious way. They make the envelopment of percussion, drone and string loops sound so simple, though this is polar from what occurs over the work, shifting marginally in various directions with chord structure and unique synth/funneling effects. Slow, slow, slightly quicker, slow. A mesmerizing long-player.

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