Garlands by MYMK


MYMK | Garlands
Sounds et al (CD/DL)

Brazilian native Bruno Sres, as MYMK brings on pure electronic abstraction on Garlands. As if a rainstorm has gone through a tin filter at various velocities and measurements, Mother Dear is an edgy opener that may distract some, but it also clears the air for what comes after. By using a reversal effect on Vestal most of the previous output is siphoned off the top. These eleven short tracks go through channels of metamorphosis throughout, constantly in flux, not unlike proteins broken down as bread is kneaded over and under and again.


There are times here (on Bonfires for instance) where it feels as though a power source is weakening, failing, losing its spark. Then again, there’s the sort of mental hopscotch of arcade play taking place on If You Summon that drives the more obtuse narrative here. Garlands keeps you guessing as to where you are, drawing on a nu-psychedelic wave that seems to be permeating contemporary sound right now. It’s an all-in-one stop shop of kaleidoscopic tangents unraveling at once. There’s no end, there’s no true beginning – it just takes over – and when it does, such as on A Garden Pond – a sweet turn becomes a friendly alien visitation with the slightest hesitation. Though I find something a bit disconcerting here, the trippy twee melody is a mind eraser that moves elegantly into Suntalk. For these ears, this is where the record takes on a new (disguised?) persona.


In what could otherwise be a muted and elongated bell tower counting the hours, becomes a reckoning that clears the air. The blank canvas is covered in Blue Over Pink, again, in somewhat of a ping-pong match, back and forth in short sonic volleys – but in this case it feels like a sole player vs. automation. Sres takes open air circuits and overlaps a lethargic percussion to great effect.  And just when you least expect an abduction, one comes in the form of the track Into Promenade. Fueled by an unsyncopated buzz and icy gem synths this could easily be an outake from the soundtracks from Zardoz or Logan’s Run. It’s as though MYMK has isolated then circumvented a continuous pinging of communications without being able to tap the wires directly.

Discreet Zones is the perilous closer. By combining severed transmissions and mimicking the outer core of percussion ala Einstürzende Neubauten a discovery is underway. It’s all quite circumspect, on nerve endings, but there is a quasi tribal effort to move forward, to battle the unknown, with an understanding of the different. This is exactly that, unchartered and offbeat.

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