Laniakea by Espacio Profundo


Espacio Profundo | Laniakea
Zona Watusa (CS/DL)

A field recording of croaks and caws casts the setting for Laniakea (or “immense heaven” in Hawaiian) which is named after a supercluster in the galaxy. On their third tape since 2015 Espacio Profundo wastes no time on Calotriton Arnoldi creating an incredible depth of atmosphere, with cowbells and warped out synths, layers of crickets and other bumpy pavement along the way. The balance between the organic and the sublime treads asymmetrically, and honestly tickles the ear.


There are slippery harmonies that float like laundry on a line in the secluded background as rivers flow and counter bells ding. The fusion between tracks is fairly seamless as a walkie-talkie transmission comes through at the header of G-GTPL and begins to wheeze into a dreamlike delusion full of creaking implausibilities and endless caverns that contain a heartbeat. Is it surveillance, are these military communications over satellite, or is it way past bedtime?

In the larger, more conceptual picture Laniakea comes off like an act of eavesdropping but takes off like a saucer only to be chased by the hallucinatory vibration of its title track which sounds like a muffled football crowd at half-time, sent through a canorous filter. It’s definitely unplugged. The tape crackles into oblivion on the rotating Turo de la Dona which offers a dizzying, internal set of left-of-center cadences. It will through your guard as it chugs away and into paradise.



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