Spinning by Allan Smyth


Allan Smyth | Spinning
Focused Silence (CD/DL)

In a single twenty-two minute track Allan Smyth makes every minute of Spinning count. It’s a kind of abstract aural sorcery. The drone billows in softly, with various textural actions tapping and nudging the edges at first as if it were a code of sorts. This all expands like lava or a painter’s brush in slow motion, or like a combination of the two, the natural and man’s imprint. The atmosphere begins to in/exhale in deep, dazed breaths.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.16.02 PM

From the cover art one can connect the dots to reach the lunar shift. And this perhaps being about our rotation around this celestial night light. Every indication is off the surface, gently floating in space. The breath may indicate oxygen levels, and the thin air way up there, or it may glean something about the state between comatose and cognizance. Once the heavy breathing dissipates the whole of this work begins to inflate and heighten. It’s a dazzling, and nearly subliminal deviation in mood. Smyth delivers this sonic substratosphere that continually morphs, without any lines or weight.

Listen Here.

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