Dschung Tek by Curt Cress


Curt Cress | Dschung Tek
Music From Memory (12″/DL)

A portion of this new EP release was originally issued circa 1991/92 by German drummer Curt Cress (who worked with house fave, Nina Hagen) under the moniker of simply C.C. It also contains three deep cuts from his 1983 solo record Avanti. So since this is alook back, let’s put it into the context of the now, still discovering it for the gem it is in the history of funky house/post-disco. The inventive percussionist and producer was recording as early as 1973 on various rock projects.

At first it’s a flutter of tropical field recordings with an added quasi Brazilian beat. A feel good record, mosquito swatting and all (harkening to The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight). An open field of dubby rhythms and funky beats make this somewhat timeless and stealthy for its time. There’s a long version and a ‘No Live Drums‘ outtake of the title track, and both carry equal weight, without much variation really. It’s when we move even further back with pieces like Moonwalk (Flying High), that the percussive bounce becomes a sacred anomaly. In something akin to the same era of Savage Progress’ My Soul Unwraps Tonight this is one of those records that slipped through my fat hands back in the day. It’s like some sort of cross between P.I.L. and Was (Not Was) without a frontman.

The Dedicated Flashback: Power Vein, with its driven drumkit is pretty much a galvanized solo with a modish bottom end that will assuredly induce a hipsway. Finally, Sundance is probably the one track here that has some essence of the era in which it was made. It has a charged teasing sensibility, and percolated synth line that seems familiar. The toms are boss, and Cress is all over every square foot of his setup here. If you are all about the beat of a different drummer, this one’s for you.

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