Munchies On Flowers

03-4 Grafica Digipack CD -Munchies On Flowers 03 copia

Munchies On Flowers | self-titled
Switch Music Recordings (LP/DL)

Riccardo Gorone has established a new solo aka as Munchies On Flowers. The self-titled record (released 2/18) is, as he stipulated, “non-methodical music”. So let’s dive into experience a deeper listen to try to better discover the underlying meaning and nuances here. Some static hiss, and a queasy bent tuning opens Cantatrice Chauve. Gorone creates a contemplative setting, with minimal tweaks and tones that are both playful and divergent. A weary mix that gently prods and provokes your senses.

Encore Aujourd’hui begins with a definitive percussion, that becomes layered and metered at half-beat time. It’s kinda funky (in a post-glitch style), yet tight-lipped. Given his work as Fauve! Gegen a Rhino, and as a producer on many projects, this seems like next gen, and MoF most definitely has the sense of unconventional funky resilience down pat. This is a really fresh sound, no instant off-hand references (though there is a dub inspiration here and there on Azazel Boogie), no overused tropes, just a flowy contemporary electronica with the extra special bonus of quirky timing.

A narrator (hunter) is sampled in broken sentences about the importance of seeing/unseen (shadows) on the incredibly detailed mix, the blending-in of Camouflage. For sure, this one deserves several remix interpretations. The concept of man vs animal, in a funky tutorial about the potential expectation and elusiveness of capturing the game. The mood shifts internally on White Rabbit Of Calypso which is a simplified churn of minimal traits, interrupted by abstract beats and a gurgling drone. The down-low melody starts/stops on a dime, sans apologies, constantly brewing and meandering.

And finally on Ocean in One Drop the title is indicative of the effect-driven delivery and sweet lil’ melody employed from the top. The highs inform the lows and vice versa. As the ‘drops’ flow forth a rhythm forms from these trickles, and out pours a balance between beats and ambient tones which cross stream. The off-beat drift offers a bit of an organic distribution of percussion to an otherwise unsystematic design that just works.

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