telomer[e] by srh


srh | telomer[e]
Klanggold (LP/DL)

The new release from artist srh (Sascha Rosemarie Höfer) offers burrowing rhythms and soft edges that seem to dangle and then drift to the far corners of the room. The balance of piano and variegated cacophony seems a challenge he’s worth taking – even though either could spoil the soup. Instead the blend is stringently delicate, even complex. One could be enjoying an unfolding recital at one moment, only to be interrupted by the unexpected tumble of darker atmospherics.


Aside from playing piano, guitars,  dictaphones, glockenspiel, and synths/processing Höfer has also employed the help of Marco Stubbemann as well as Melanie and Mathilde Schoenmakers (trumpet and voices). The quietest pockets bloom into swirling effects and sudden deep breaths, yet the focus is on the ivories, the harmony moving on despite the doctored corrosion and ellipses of streaky distortion. And though an equal weight is given to the intrusion of harmonic focus, all the static and burnishing of frayed tapeloops cannot deter the central player. There’s this undeterred yin/yang relationship in this din of iniquity.

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