Transtilla I


Transtilla | Transtilla I
Opa Loka Records (CD/DL)

Transtilla is the Dutch sound artist duo of Anne Chris Bakker and Romke Kleefstra. The record opens in silence, slowly materializing into a perfume of transitional hazy drone on Skaftafellsfjara. A long, winding reverb with a cyclical grate that sounds as if you may be on the loading dock among longshoremen loading up the catch of the day. Elsewhere the duo seemingly edits tapeloops to mimic conveyor belts, yet this isn’t your average industrial outtake, instead they manage to meld together malformed melodies into the plied cogitation.

A lot of this languid record is delivered in such an unhurried fashion that it literally becomes one with your immediate environment, and could easily be mistaken for a sleep concert in-progress. It’s a combination of frothy, softened guitar twang and opaque effects that lay low, most elusive on the haunting lullaby after-effects of Poasen.  Elsewhere I’m reminded of the shimmering post-glow set forth in the latter 90s via the Kranky label (think Stars of the Lid, Labradford, etc.) – Skura is as timeless as those trance-inducing bass drifts of the past. As this fifteen minute work evolves the metallic tinged chords it becomes trippy, more voluminous, malformed and quite distorted.

Finally Rudzki upends the concocted sphere of glazed-over din, churning away, sputtering some, and otherwise acting as a bit of a mind eraser with perfectly chilling side effects. As this comes to its unresolved ends, the means are as poker-faced as when this initiated its first expanded note.

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