Pleasure-Voltage by Finger x Plotkin x Zabelka

Benjamin Finger/James Plotkin/Mia Zabelka | Pleasure-Voltage
Karlrecords (LP/DL)

These lines are written in a snow-soaked landscape, in a small town climbing as high as 687 meters on the feet of a huge mountain. The current mood is primarily in tonal hues of white, black, brown and some tiny spots of other color, escaping from the white veil. Silence as well, a blanket of penetrating silence, along with the last light rays of a day to be gone soon. The room is filled with Pleasure-Voltage, about which I’m about to tell you.

Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something, a means towards a collective goal. Benjamin Finger, a composer, electronic music producer, DJ, photographer and film-maker hailing from Oslo, Norway, conceived the idea for Pleasure-Voltage and then, Austrian vocalist, violinist and composer Mia Zabelka  along with USA based avant-garde musician James Plotkin joined the cause.

Pleasure-Voltage is an ambient/drone album, where piano, electronics, synthesizer, field recording, violin and electric guitar gel into an algorithm of conjoined melodies, where the composition is floating and the different frequencies and moods are merging within. Various elements are equally poured into the structure and layers of the two pieces. Over 40 minutes of electric majesty, solemn in the beginning, frolicsome towards the end, a serene vocabulary of cradling poetry starts emerging.

From the basis of the whole composition, until the small bits and details, pluralism gives the absolute freedom where mild parts are relaxing while stronger ones are creating an atmosphere of chaos, a bipolar instrumentation of high beauty and interest. All factors, all conditions and influences, individually and collectively, are contributing to the fine result, where the minimal meets the maximal, a rotation, an experiment that went damn well!



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