Anexo3 by Ensemble KLEM x Jaime Oliver La Rosa


Ensemble KLEM & Jaime Oliver La Rosa | Anexo3
Buh Records (LP/DL)

Anexo3, composed by Jaime Oliver and Ensemble KLEM consists of two improvised tracks running over forty minutes created during residencies in Spain, Portugal and Chile. The clang and residual microsound make for an unusual pair as this gets under way. It is as if the squeaky wheels of industry have left behind an apparition of its former glory, and here we begin to imagine elongated echoes that show themselves only to duck from recognition. It’s all quite spare.

With all its minor fluttering and metallic manipulation, they create an environment that indulges in its spare parts while acting like a safety bunker of sorts. And even though there are far more nervous shifts than can be accounted for, the overall atmosphere is one of curious experimentation, where each bit of tinkering informs the next. It’s a mysterious mix of sonic transmissions with shaded overlays that confounds and thrills.


Once the record is flipped a continued reconnaissance seems underway. It’s a curious cross between the resilience of stringed reverb and cricket-like micro-percussion that is effectively chilling. The protracted intransigence of the chords become more and more weary and vulnerable until it’s swallowed by silence. Tiny tendrils of notes begin to reform from the darkness amid a morphing light. Any previous construct has been broken down, and the collaborative slowly piece things together between a reconstituted collection of liquids and solids.

If this were minimal, out jazz it would be thrice removed from its most distant cousin. The more simplified and sparse this becomes, the more it draws from an organic sensibility, until a spark is ignited about halfway through. Suddenly a whooshing propeller of noise is generated and the potential of control is uncertain. And somehow the whole thing, as it sputters down, with added voice treatments and loosely fitting masked wind instruments and disjointed pitch, starts to build a whole new dreamlike setting. Stay ’til the very end as this quiets into a glorious fadeout.

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