A Jamais / Ping by Pylône

Pylône 24 juillet - copie

Pylône | A Jamais / Ping
Sound On Probation (LP/DL)

This is the third solo record from French sound artist Laurent Perrier as Pylône since 2006, and A Jamais / Ping consists of those two works in longform at over eighteen minutes per track. It’s as though he’s flipped a switch to kickstart this, as if a generated and lighting system power is being ignited. And then there are sparse percussive blips and cut-up vocal treatments (Lyne Vermes) that spin and churn into a frothy drone. Translated very loosely as “never ever” Perrier uses elusive echoes on both voice and effects processing in this obtuse nod to time. This feels like a cross between dial-up and an orchestra filtered behind a number of obscure layers, with multiple stops/starts, cracked metallurgy and a flickering sense of slo-mo synthesis. This is deep and hollow, a bit of a distracting ultimatum – but the cause and effect are not at hand, they instead lay in ambiguous patterns that root round and round, whizzing through a fabricated tunnel.


Once flipped Ping goes to work in the chattering fluidity of a set of vibes that are animated, floating and bobbing. Pylône‘s process is perfectly obscured here, relying on the activated effects and diversions rather than on rhythm, which keeps bent somewhere in left field. There is suction and a hint of quivering Gamelan present in the between-ness of this work showcasing great dimension. The tones are never reduced to familiar ‘pings’ – instead he explores the ‘ping’ as ‘point’ of reference and/or where that shifts in space….through, below and above a de/constructed acoustic map with pitch shift and uncharacteristic flux. As he arranges the “twinpeak filter” it’s obvious that this Parisian artist has looped, manipulated and otherwise drawn every last aspect out of this Epoch Modular tool and wrangled it to pieces. Somehow this jumbled-up wash of electronics becomes an ebullient spectacle.

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