Ghosts On Broken Pavement by Mount Shrine


Mount Shrine | Ghosts On Broken Pavement
Cryo Chamber (CD/DL)

Noir sonic imagery

It’s a fact that ambient music emphasizes atmosphere over traditional musical structure. A revolutionary form of slow music with repetitive, gentle and soothing patterns, that can create atmosphere. The defining theme of “urban” is the presence of a great number of very different people in a very limited space – most of them are strangers to each other. Mount Shrine is the ambient/drone moniker of Cesar Alexandre, hailing from Rio De Janeiro, who “makes endless, rainy and sleep drones in his bedroom” (sic). On Ghosts On Broken Pavement, his second installment, ambient and urban, meet and merge in a… delightful, ghostly manner.

Layer upon layer of synths, field recordings, drones, samples of various attributes and most importantly, the wonderful muddy production, Mount Shrine forms a stylish outcome in every aspect. Within the 55 minutes of  the record, I witnessed, I experienced, I imagined! The power of simplicity and the skillful minimal approach is evident. The whole album is like a collection of abstract radio transmissions or sometimes, just static signal emissions, traveling through urban landscapes as messengers, carrying bits and descriptions of past activity to unknown recipients; sparks of urban information traveling forth, endlessly. Synths lead the way and all elements are following and making wonders! An outcome that relates to the starting scene of Wim Wender’s film “Der Himmel Über Berlin” (or Wings Of Desire), where we can observe and listen to the thoughts of Berliners, but from a distance! Here, we observe and listen to the mesmerizing whistle of the ghosts, the crumbling sound of concrete and the sound of thoughts long gone!

Ghosts On Broken Pavement is a noir sonic imagery of melancholic haze and metropolitan dusk, where the dimming sun is devoured by smog and out of the gloominess, some color permeates through!




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