Environment by My Disco

DNLP24 Artwork

My Disco | Environment
Downwards Records (LP/DL)

The Australian trio My Disco (Rohan Rebeiro, Benjamin Andrews, and Liam Andrews) begin their new record with An Intimate Conflict, pretty much as it says, in the form of a continuous soft revving motor. It’s a bit unnerving, and a bit suspect, but serves as an industrial overture once the listener is into the synth drone tunnel of Exercise In Sacrifice and the dark cadence returns on Act. Their metal hand percussion and drone box guitar effects doles out these puffy lines locked in the buzz. It’s the type of soundbending that you feel in your chest. Thankful for the more ambient pockets of Equatorial Rainforests Of Sumatra and Rival Colour the warrior-like rhythms slowly start to emerge form the shady corners. The voice seems breathy but urgent, requesting to see colour, to see it all as the tubular percussion and hive-like drones rage softly, in formation, forward.

My Disco Press Pic 2

There are subtle shades of Sunn O))), but far more patient and drawn, but when they plug in you feel the tension of velocity on Hong Kong 1987. The track purrs, as in so many other spots on Environment, and especially on the Black Sabbath Iron Man-adjacent No Permanence which has voluminous dips in tone and drone. This is a complex listen, and will be a shoe-in favorite to those who adore sound separation, but in a way it navigates sound tolerance at its most minimal bass lows. Forever, the closer, exhibits the album’s roots, its drama, and has a distilled sense of tribalism that is worth trudging through the near complete darkness and careening effects and guitar buzz. The last three and a half minutes churn into the simplicity of a light rain shower that softens the depths the recording takes you on. My Disco has created a work of great physical depth, only varying its shades in small doses. I could easily imagine this work alone being extended in concert with dance or other post apocalyptic performance art.

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