Morgenrøde by Viviankrist

VIVIANKRIST Morgenrode - Lo res album cover for web

Viviankrist | Morgenrøde
Cold Spring (CD/DL)

Wonderful experimental harsh obliteration

Electronic/noise artist Viviankrist originates from Japan and currently lives in Oslo with 25 releases in her arsenal (as seen in her Bandcamp). Formally known as Vivian Slaughter, when she participated as bass player and alto-saxophonist in the Japanese, all-female, blackened doom metal/crust aural brutality called Gallhammer!

It’s very interesting to see the pathway of an artist through different monikers and sound approaches. Morgenrøde an indoctrination of harsh noise paired with electronica, an experimentation which sounds amazingly good. Heavily charged volumes of noise, saturated with minimal passages that sound like they came out of a synth playground. A clash of noise and power electronics with disoriented beats that is a distilled synth punk. A possible alternative soundtrack to Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky masterpiece.


Everything -minus the synth- is beautifully distorted, polluted with the wonders of dirty sound chunks in an amazing fusion. Loud walls collide with degenerating looped melodies that create an ear-blast, that seem to weigh megatons.  While the harsh parts are in-your-face, the more melodic reeks of darkness and agony, a combination that kills any notion for this album not being vast! A solid proposition for a noise materialization.  

This project is far from being monolithic. I have absolutely no problem with monolithic works, quite the opposite, but this is not the case. Viviankrist took harsh sound into her very personal dimension. The two major elements of this recording are very distinctive and very well merged. The approach chosen involves a path less traveled and she played intelligently with her material and constructed a solid and interestingly polymorphic opus. Eight tracks, 40 minutes of wonderful experimental harsh obliteration. The (mal)adjusted listener will be totally seduced and fall victim to every bit of the music/anti-music contained herein. I love Viviankrist for being so miraculously experimental!




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