The Shores of Valhalla by Projektions


Projektions | The Shores of Valhalla
Shimmering Moods Records (CDRx2/DL)

The Shores of Valhalla starts as a quivering ambient record on the seductive Cave Dweller. Like waking from a haze and spying a light just barely making its way through the tiniest cracks. The hiss and crackle ground the sound of Projektions as the beat, like that of a pulsating heart, delivers the steady pace of Calm Before The Storm. The mood created is one of resistance, slowly thawing. The singular piano keys disperse between the pitter-patter effects, and the initial iciness pools into a slightly agitated setting.

And into Sea Dreamer things remain quite fluid, here building more rhythm, more mass and volume.  It’s like an implosion or an avalanche in reverse, the background swells back into place, shifting topographies and broken melodies combine and discombobulate. The sound is ambiguously intimate, the mood like a tightrope in most places, the tensions high (Wax Light). The static (or rain) along with a music box melody play at odds on Old Winds with a purring drone and the underground dripping like being in the belly of a city tunnel. The peculiar scape permeates the mind with fleeting shadows, of taking cover from an unknown source (other than that of Mother Nature).

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 4.04.19 PM

The set includes the 25 minute-long Daersinium Lopus which sits at the center of this remarkable longplayer. The track moves from the industrial (meshy, metallic drones) to the emotional (sudden piano recital) and they are cordoned off, but slowly become one towards the end. It repeats this blend and overlap, with each iteration becoming slightly more fused, with just the right amount of dramatic pause. A conversation between two alternate universes, dark and light, collide ever-so-gently.

For the remainder of the record we experience the pulsing, unplugged discordance of Night Moving (perpetual mix) and the aptly titled So Dream. Each with its segregated world of melody brought on by effects-driven noise or ersatz waves constructed by machine. Though once the Sub Conscious takes over the ambience plunges way down low. The hum is real, and what Projektions does with it is fairly uniquely minimal and radiant – both in tone and scope.

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