Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts by Rose & Sandy


Rose & Sandy | Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts
Moving Furniture Records (CD/DL)

Seven untitled tracks, enigmatic, atmospheric and reclusive. The duo plays to this underground chamber of drone that continues to spill and spread. With jewel-like tweaks and feather-touch strumming most that you hear is done so behind a filter. At about an hour, the ethereal obscurities and earthy twang play like a continuous track.

A wistful work bathed in the haze of slow motion. Overall Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts is a non-confrontational album filled with a fusion of distortion that is as drowsy as it is emotional. This feels as dusty as a classic American folk song, but its central nervous system is much more universal, as in cosmically charged.

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