Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke) by Psych Krist Kastrator


Psych Krist Kastrator | Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke)
EE Tapes (CD)

Darkened and fully electrocuted

Psych Krist Kastrator was an obscure, anti-commercial and underground electro, experimental, industrial project, hailing from Belgium, active from 1992 to 1997. The mastermind behind it was Marc Ceulemans (aka Brainquake), with three different vocalists: Robin, from 1992 to 1994, Tom Tosseyn in 1994 and Sjille from 1995 to 1997. They have released seven albums in (beloved) cassette format, participated in a handful of compilations — but now unveilled is Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke). A release which compiles tracks composed between 1991 to 1995, re-recorded, revised and remastered in 2018, with the addition of three new vocalists: Gif Blauw, Rob Van Bulck and Maarten Thoelen.

Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke) is darkened and fully electrocuted! The finest in synth/electro-punk, industrial, splinters of noise and vintage electronica, combined. One foot in the field of Kraftwerk and the other to… Beggars Opera, yes the Scottish progressive band of the 60’s – as surreal as this may sound. Synths here are spectacular, a trademark of a whole era, the echoed and processed vocals are caustic, the punk rhythm with the electronic beats exquisite and all these dressed in the finest post punk/new wave aesthetics, with even the essence of horror lurking within!

Psych Krist Kastrator didn’t care to hide any inspirations they had, they are obvious in a very respectful manner. Instead, they incorporated these elements in their music with untouched honesty. They were dedicated to their cause, didn’t care for anything else than to do what they desired. Thankfully, reworking of the material didn’t destroy the irreplaceable original aesthetic of the sound, as in many modern re-releases. I’m sad to hear older or vintage works that are made so clean and “plastic” – so much so that they lose all the qualities beloved in vintage recordings. No, the sound here is directly a blast from the past, an amazing post production that deserves sincere applause.


A thought I’d express however, that I really, really wanted Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke) to feature the original, pre-reworked recordings as a supplement, most importantly because of the new vocalists. Not an outright criticism or an obvious fault here – rather a desire to have the original and untouched sound to compare, with all the mistakes, the limitations of the era, the budget and the limited know-how.

Psych Krist Kastrator is a vitriolic enumeration of the best elements of their respective genres, an atmospheric diary of a full but short lifespan, captured in the 68 minutes of Nothing Subtle (About Psychotic Demon Karaoke). EE Tapes along with Thee Disciples Ov Penumbra were the two labels releasing their material from the very beginning. Don’t make haste people, this release is an edition of 100 copies. Beautiful A5 booklet with CD, out of the 100, each come with a booklet. EE Tapes did it, once again an amazing job by releasing a retrospective anthology of a long-forgotten gem. 



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