Good Fuck


Good Fuck | S/T
Joyful Noise Recordings (LP/CD/DL)

Who said that work and feelings shouldn’t be mixed together? The music world is actually packed with couples who compose and produce together. The White Stripes, Essaie Pas, John Lennon with Yoko Ono, Albano & Romina, ABBA, just to name a few…

Still, only a few of those couples get so in depth into each other to create such an unique (Jenny Pulse and Tim Kinsella) blend that makes the two counterparts indistinguishable. To achieve this Good Fuck takes an isolationist approach that could help them setting a creative environment where to develop their music concept and consummate their love, away from prying eyes.

In fact, as also the title of the project suggests, the two activities of love and creation are not addressed as two different moments but rather as complementary aspects of their lives. Sensuality becomes the thread that binds together every single daily activity that is naturally performed, with no malice, but an honest and radical knowledge of the self and the other, a strong and absolute human pleasure, freed from every sinful perspective.


Together but in solitude, they explore books they consider fundamental in their personal development and cut them up to retrieve material for the lyrics of their album. With the intention of extrapolating erotic sensations out of the words they find they scramble the content and the structure of the writings to mould something new and personal.

Such chemistry is reflected also in the sounds they produce. The music is intimate, personal, somewhat experimental but doesn’t pull out harshness, instead it builds a realm of cryptic lush. What comes out, despite its groovy nature, hides layers and layers of stories, inside jokes, anecdotes and secrets that will stay hidden and will be recognisable by the couple only. But this enigmatic nature is also what makes the record interesting and let it stick out from the huge plethora of experimental/outsider pop albums we are flooded by.

In conclusion, this slow motion experience is an enjoyable listening to do in a bath tub, with some candles around that provide that esoteric touch and perhaps having the company of someone special

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