Beyond The Crying Era by Nimh


Nimh| Beyond The Crying Era
Winter-Light (CD/DL)

Rich and full sonic soil”                                            

Giuseppe Verticchio is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and computer programmer hailing from Italy and in fact, he is quite productive, with a discography in excess of twenty albums with his main project Nimh since its beginning in 2001! Notable too, are his collaborations with other artists as Maurizio Bianchi, Mauthausen Orchestra, Aube, etc.

Beyond The Crying Era (presented as a digipak CD) is not a new album per se, as it compiles previously released material. Tracks that were recorded over a 10-year period appear here, re-edited and remastered. Ten tracks that were picked very carefully, creating a constant feed of excellent ambient flow. Detailed with many different elements, field recordings, drones, dusty sound chunks, electronic brush strokes, all these are forming a complex, layered and deep music. The listener gets a unique descent and lift in a most peculiar acoustic roller coaster ride, inside a rather mysterious world of contradictions, in a rich and full sonic soil, watered with Nimh’s beauty and imagination; a multitude of thoughts and patterns.

It is wonderful that this material appears again with Beyond The Crying Era, and even more, being an extended version of This Crying Era (Synästhesie Schallplatten, 2012), with three more tracks! An entry level release and ticket to the atmospheric, harsh and serene world of Nimh. Very well done.



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