Air Chronicles by Giuseppe Falivene


Giuseppe Falivene | Air Chronicles
Amek Collective (CS/DL)

From the dawn of Flux n.1, Exosphere you know this is going to be a unique earful. Air Chronicles is the latest half dozen tracks from Roman electronic artist Giuseppe Falivene. The granular electronic style with a wisp of windy melody offers something akin to a broken radio signal just holding on while traveling through mountain peaks. The balance of synthetic/organic is palpable.

FUERTAS BRISAS: Like a storm brewing much of this is heard through a windscreen-style filter, and with the sudden percussive outbursts on Flux n.2, Free Fall I’m instantly recalling the crazy electrical storm that ripped through our region the other night. Boldly rolling, barrelling through and over an otherwise sated melody that continues to saturate the background as a torrent of rounded out noise just explodes. Within this avalanche there are truncated stoppages that seem like the worst may be behind you, but after seconds nothing in its path is safe, save for the barely audible initial riff. A fiery good time. Flux n.3, Awakenings fully embraces static and the art of cadence-defying editing. This is a work of grace in the face of understanding that beauty comes from difference, from non-traditional sources. The pauses are dramatic as this takes flight, graduating from interruption to obscurity.


As the needle hits the record on Flux n.4, Recollection there is a much needed lull in the hiss of the actual medium. The meta comment here is indicative of the history of sound in its distribution as a commercial format. After the initial warmth, a rising harmony swirls at mid-range, fading away and reappearing as nebulous, site-specific sounds begin to emerge. The premise becomes distorted and warped with time, as most memories do. Some of the lost refrain is captured via Flux n.5, Outbreak, but its bold effects break with the rest of the album, creating fluttering bits that sound like a symphony of typewriters. This offers a definitive breach winding up in an uncertain limbo between pleasantries and din.


EQUILIBRIUM²: In the end an additional mix caps Falivene’s truly unique offering with Awakenings (Discordless Remix). His floating world is augmented with a feather-lite rhythm that plays like the finest mist evaporating on air. By adding just the right amount of minimal percussion and dramatic pause this is the natural evolution kickstarted by John Cage a half century ago, though here the composer gives access to an audience deluged by virtual reality – and somehow this becomes a soundtrack of a new generation.

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