Cloud Diameter


Cloud Diameter | Cloud Diameter
self-released (DL)

The electronics quicken and slow, almost in the way an automated arcade game jolts out sudden flashes when you’ve hit the target, along with embedded partial voice effects. This is the debut of UK-based sound artist Cloud Diameter and of the several handsful of self-releases regularly circulating, take note, this is far from the average noodling. One toe dipped in the commercial field of soundtrack styling, the other big toe in something solely experimental and refreshing. This runs vaguely amok, amid a field that encapsulizes a fusion of new age, shoegaze/new wave and classics from Vangelis or Jerry Goldsmith.

Beam Me Up: The cosmic tweaking on Memory Sculpture and 50ft Of Bare Ice Over The Void are restless, yet stimulating in the gaze of something altogether post-futuristic, if there could be such a thing. Cloud Diameter sounds as though they’ve taken a cadre of retro gadgets (like old school switchboards and toy ray guns) and bent them into sound machines able to produce playful melodies that make sense for our virtual expectations. Data Tempo twitches in kaleidoscopic coloration that’s between rock riffs and a Wurlitzer at a local mall. It’s like the incidental abstract scraps from one of The Who’s mid 70’s psychedelic chord sessions, that is until things get a lil’ sidetracked by the miasma of 33301-01-05.

As this revs and tries to jumpstart itself into 11.6 KM, something new happens. The otherwise muted mix takes on a contorted industrial shape as if suddenly hooked up to some type of monitor. The result feels uncertain, limp and leftfield, neither here nor there, hypnotized rather than hypnotic. As this limbo dulls the unexpected micro-funky turn on Glass Terminal lifts the spirit into the shape of something far more earthy, fluttering brightly to close out this worthy sound nugget.

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