3discos by Andrea Borghi


Andrea Borghi | 3discos
rhizome.s (CD-R/DL)

Andrea Borghi is an electroacoustic sound composer/artist and teacher based near Tuscany and recording since 2001. His somewhat extensive catalogue, based on sound and other physical matter precedes him, and his latest was recorded between 2017-18, and these seven tracks play on his minimal manipulation of material devices (aluminum, marble, resin) and prepared turntables. In doing so the way he brings the happenstance of textural surfaces to life through its projection. His is a very physical sound filled with organic static and pop.

Added to it comes a residual drone and other shadowy resonances, amplified from the most microsound-based sources.  Some of his tiny tweaks are produced by a needle lobbing over embossed text or other shallow surface malformations, at times sounding quite hollow and jangly, and sometimes like residual percussion. The effect is that of a lulling experiment like listening to a small lathe, a tattooist’s power needle or other metal-on-metal devices at work. These variable small gauge statics continue throughout 3discos, each playing with slightly moderated tones and hypnotic buzz.

This is one of those rare listens where as you listen you might compare the translation of what weight sounds like as interpreted through an acoustic means. There are times where Borghi develops a sound that has heft (_superelif@TR) yet within the same track there are counter sounds like that of a ping-pong ball which is virtually weightless. And if you allow yourself to drop deeper into imagination this just may seem like one of those fearful inner-ear experiences while at your family dentist. One thing is certain, as Borghi continues to tinker and give allowance to the organic nature of his contraption/s this becomes more and more one of the most inventive sets of artful compositions I’ve heard in many moons.


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