Terminal Desert by LaBrecque/Ghazi Barakat


LaBrecque/Ghazi Barakat | Terminal Desert
Karl Records (LP/DL)

Paul LaBrecque and Ghazi Barakat team up together to release an album of mutated sound that blends krautrock, kosmiche and free jazz.  This is a free-form music drawing on Barakat’s notion of “meta-music for meta-people in a meta-world”.  There’s a distinctive fourth world ambient vibe pulsing through the record, its two long-form tracks taking up a side of vinyl each.

Side A’s “Jajouka Pipe Dream” has a steady propulsion that rattles away with all manner of traditional percussion, as pipes, flutes and electronics all swirl in the mix.  It’s heady stuff.  Psychedelic images are conjured:  smoke-filled, brightly-lit Eastern scenes full of bustle and life.


The second track, “Planet R-101” is a surprising contrast.  Beginning with burbling, acidic electronics and mellow guitar, it’s a much more introspective and mellow affair.  Still pretty psychedelic, but employing a more spaced-out Berlin synth approach it provides a nice come-down to the first side’s energy.

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