Cercueil Flottant by Papillon


Papillon | Cercueil Flottant
Sucata Tapes/Discrepant (CS/DL)

A wild loop as if primates are screeching into a microphone traipse over a tripping beat. A radio-type narrator speaks in few words through static. Les Radiadeurs de Mika is an unusual opener on the latest from Papillon, Cercueil Flottant. This blend of experimental effects and field recordings is Portuguese sound artist Gonçalo F Cardoso‘s unique underground world filled with bird tweets and guitar strums delivered in curving reversals (feat. Mike Cooper). And just as the hard rain comes down in the heavily forested jungle, the abstract folkisms are omnipresent, even after a disappearing act. It’s bluesy, it’s raw and oddly soothing.

The awkward balance between a French speaker and glassy tones sounds like your inside a hotel lobby circa 1940’s Paris. There’s are unmistakable flourishing melodies, and vinyl static, muted layers that are tweaked over time, slowing, warping…  Cardoso has stirred up something quite dramatic, with unexpected twists, like the sci-fi b-movie spirit that oozes on the pulsating and psychedelic La Pieuvre Géante du Pacifique feat. Yannick Dauby. With it’s retro effects that sound directly from a lava lamp lab the track most definitely transports you to a place approximating a magical and animated tiki village.

As the listener imagines washing up along the seashore here comes the swaying sounds of luau on Hawai et Papaye. It’s an awkward twang, similar to partly remembered scenes of a random David Lynch flick or the intermediate footage from a 70’s Creature Double Feature. The all-encompassing atmospheres developed by Papillon contribute to a stealthy work of laudable avant-garde worthy of ongoing playback. I repeat, do not miss this rare gem of pictorial bewilderment.

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